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About us

Get to know the story of Umami!


The beginnings…

In the autumn of 2019, we were delighted to read the call for applications from PTE and our thoughts immediately began to soar… We have long wanted to renew ourselves professionally, to change to a vibrant, colourful and diverse business, where we can live out our openness and interest in world cuisines, and show Hungarian guests that there is life beyond fried meat, with dishes from different nations every day… 

After a successful application, Umami finally opened its doors on 23 August 2021, with a slight Covid delay, on the campus of the University of Pécs, on the southeast corner of the New Theoretical Block. 

Prior to that, we operated Pezsgőház restaurant in the heart of the city centre for nearly 20 years, which was a first-class restaurant and event venue, as well as a catering service provider with great success. 

Our years of experience in the event business are now being put to excellent use in the weekdays, as here every day is like having to be ready for an event at 11am and 3pm with our deliciously prepared dishes.

After the midday lunch menu, we quickly change to a themed, fast-casual set-up in the afternoon, which also caters to all nationalities and food sensibilties in a „buil-your-own-bowl” system full of healthy and delicios bites. We have a large number of university students in the afternoons, but we also have regulars from other parts of the city, who come here every day to enjoy food that they can’t taste anywhere else.

We want to cater to the needs of the clinical-university staff and students with the traditional Hungarian palate as much as to the needs of the foreign – multi-ethnic students, so we do our best every day.

Mission statement

Sustainability, ingredients

Sustainability, healthy and fresh ingredients – preferably seasonal, and the highest possible proportion of food produced in-house are important to us.

Support local!

Our suppliers are mostly companies and producers from Pécs, we use a lot of locally sourced products, because we believe in the local cycle.

Focus on quality

We have become accustomed to quality service over the past 20 years. Although it may seem like a big contrast, it is absolutely feasible to provide quality catering as a “canteen” self-service restaurant.

Catering service

On a limited basis, and no longer as a primary profile, we also continue to provide catering services, mostly in the form of off-site weddings and corporate events, showcasing our ever-changing offer.

Maximum effort, teamwork

Our energetic, youthful, foreign-language-speaking team provides the staff to deliver everything the place needs with the clientele.

Umami étterem Pécs

Our main suppliers

Meat: Zöld Márka Kft, Bánfai László
Duck-goose: Benkő Bt, Turi Ferenc
Lettuce, special seasonal vegetables: Fabrice Gonet, Pécsdevecseri Szezon Färm
Green, herbs, seasonal vegetables: Tsvetozar Ivanov őstermelő
Vegetables, canning, exotic fruits: Istókovics László kiskereskedő, termelő
Vegetables: Varga Bt, Varga László
Microgreens-sprouts: Bogárdi János „Nosbácsi”
Olives, olive oil, sundried tomatoes: Kostas oliva Kft, Kostas Lazaridis
Breadcrumbs, Panko:  Brunner és Obiczer Kft, Brunner Barna
Milk:   Bachesz Viktor  „Tejhely”
BeanOn coffee: Danetti Kft
Cracker Jack coffee: VLD Kft
Sourdough bread: Kovászálom péküzem, Szerleticsné Kovács Emese
Eastern-Asian spices, sauces, ingredients: Choy, Szalánkai Marcell kiskereskedő
Fish: Halmánia halbolt, Auer Erik kiskereskedő
Dry goods, frozen goods, spices: Gasztro-Terni Kft
Oil: Helios Gasztro Zrt

Guest reviews

“I was satisfied with the selection every time! Quality, service at its maximum!
I will visit often.”

“Delicious food, fast and professional service, with cheerful and polite staff. It’s a special treat to get familiar with the food of many countries I would never get to visit in person. Also, it is important to mention, that I can eat well even on a leaner day, because the portions are large, and there are lower and higher priced dishes every day.”

“International standard restaurant at affordable prices. A diverse range of dishes, varied ingredients, flavours from different gastronomic regions.”

Katalin Nagy restaurant manager / owner  
06 30 982 0838
06 20 232 1003

Julia Wittner gastro creative / assistant manager   

Károly Tóth owner   
06 30 436 5472

Business hours:
Monday – Thursday: 7:00 – 18:00
Friday: 7:00 – 16:00
Saturday & Sunday: closed

Coffee shop: 7:00 – closing time of day
Lunch: 11:00 – 14:30
Mezze: Monday – Thursday, 15:00 – 18:00

7624 Pécs, Szigeti street 12.
PTE ÁOK New Building